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Testimonial - Fantastic all the way around! Installers were top of the line and so easy to do business with! Very highly recommended! One of a kind service and experience! The granite is very beautiful and really makes my kitchen a joy to be in! - c.Crane
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45 SF Minimum. Restrictions may apply. Subject to change without notice

Sale Ends in 1 days (9/1/2016)

Testimonial - great quality good service and honest and dependable people to work with - j.churchhill
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Sale Ends in 1 days (9/1/2016)

Testimonial - Wonderful experience. Great customer service, great workmanship. Love my granite and travertine.

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C. Doss Industries is a Birmingham, locally owned custom manufacturer of Granite and Marble countetops. serving new construction and remodeling projects. Every customer, LARGE or small is given the same high level of attention and customer satisfaction.

From simple kitchen countertop makeovers to multiple countertop installations in a major hotel chain, we are well equipped and knowledgeable to handle any job you may have.

Granite - Marble - Quartz - Limestone - and more.

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Why use natural granite?

Granite is a premium product option for long-lasting countertops . Taking into consideration of strength, durability, sustainability and price, granite can appeal to those who want these features as part of their design concepts. This natural stone holds the features and beauty of a reliable product. Granite offers the most advantages, making it the perfect option for almost any application.

Granite is preferred and recommended in design for the following reasons:

1. Due to extreme conditions in which granite is formed, as well as its mineral composition, it is one of the hardest and most durable surfaces available. This makes it perfectly suited to withstand the busiest rooms and environments. 2. In its natural form, granite is one of the most non-absorbent, stain-resistant materials that exists. Once sealed, its ability to resist stains is only further enhanced. 3. Granite is more heat resistant than other countertop surfaces, such as laminate and quartz surfaces. 4. Granite is available in an astounding range of colors. Since granite is a product of nature, each piece is unique in color and appearance. 5. Commonly used in kitchens for countertops and decorative accents, granite can be used for cladding and floors, as well as numerous interior and exterior applications. 6. With a timeless quality that never goes out of style, the use of granite equates to added value to your property.

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